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How I quit smartphones

Posted on Sun 01 May 2022 in personal

I sit on the metro. The lady on my side unlocks her smartphone, scrolls up to reveal the list of installed apps, opens one at random, goes back to the home screen, and finally locks …

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We won – What does the world look like in 2030?

Posted on Wed 12 July 2023 in personal

I close my eyes for a second, and under the buzz of voices around me, I hear birds singing, squirrels chasing each other scratching the bark of trees, branches rustling in the wind. A couple …

For a life in Adagio

Posted on Sat 01 July 2023 in personal

I long for the time to savor hugs, get lost in the scent of the other, of the wool they are wearing, of their body, without pats on the back signalling that it's time to …